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A free-standing bathtub is the epitome of a modern luxury bath.

Free-standing bathstub - mineral casting
Free-standing baths - mineral casting

What many know from historic photos or old buildings, has a firm place in modern luxury bathroom again today. The freestanding baths of today are pure luxury and an absolute highlight in your bathroom. Realize your dream of having a wellness and luxury bath with Baedermax.

About mineral casting

Baedermax exclusively sells products made ​​from a high quality mineral cast. Mineral casting is the ideal material for high quality surfaces and is largely immune to damage during normal everyday wear.

Cast mineral baths from Baedermax form a closed joint-free surface so bacteria and germs have no traction. The skin-friendly material is also very easy to care for and convinces by having a long life with simple cleaning.

Free-standing bathstub - mineral casting
Free-standing bath - mineral casting

The high insulating properties of cast mineral baths will guarantee a long lasting water temperature and a longer pleasant bath time. Cast mineral baths are ideal for for establishing a free-standing design object due to their heavy weight.

Also a lot speaks for a mineral casting bathtub by Baedermax: a mineral cast bathtub is made from approximately 93% of naturally occurring minerals and rocks, and 7% binder based on epoxy resin. A positive energy balance in the production (without external heat supply) and later a smooth recovery as recycling material substantiate the benefits of mineral casting an ecological perspective.

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